Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Property Manager

Please be inform En. Raja Iwan Asraf have been resign as Property Manager effective on 21/6/2011 , all matter related to Park Avenue Block C should be handle by management office. Until the new manager been hired

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Improve security

Time for us to upgrade the old 5 year CCTV with the improve version , with all the problem on the security issue surrounding damansara damai area, we must take futher measurement to counter all this problem. current PACJMB are serious in the term of security encforcement.

Our new camera setup to monitor the playground area with our children daily usage is good we can have a close monitor.

Pool camera is critical to monitor any problem.

Clearer view on the background security camera

Parking entrance to monitor and keep track of of our car been illgally drive out. As we already aware there many issue on car been tow by bank without proper document and procedure

This whole project have cost us a bomb in our building fund but PACJMB do believe it is the best measurement and a need to improve this as all our family is in here. We must ensure our family is safety and feel good to stay in here. Another 20k project done this year, we are running out of time for this year term, hopefully the new PACJMB will be ready to take on the roles and futher improve our building.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Access Door

Our access door failed again barely a month after all the installation and rectification work been done and it cost us 4k plus just to fix all this and after few day of thunder storm it is all gone again. Once again we back to square one again with all this ding dong from vendor to check and repair all this controller and it didn't come in cheap price like RM 20-100 it average out RM 650 for one controller. Anyone in this coomunities knew something better or how to stop all this nonsense

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Park Avenue Monthly Staff Award

Our PACJMB secretary represent to give a speech to all the staff and attendand some of the owner even come to join our makan-makan parties for the day. This have been a hard year to all of us to estlablish the team. Is almost end of our term as well for the session 2010/11 team, hopefully the new guys on board able to channel more idea to improve our little home.

This month award fall to haizul for his excellent service and commitment toward his job, once again congratulation

All the birthday guys and girl doing the cake cutting ceremony , this is our first time doing such event there will be more to come in the up coming month to shown our aprreciation to the team member.

Our PACJMB Mr Azhari is having his birthday present as well

Lastly is a team photo, too bad our Mr Chairman can make it to the event for the day, we will have to wait for another round of picture to include Chairman picture

Well I can't remember all the guys name but those from the front row from left we have nazri, noraimi (Building Technician) , Iwan (Property Manager), Sheikh (Secretary) , Treasurer, Jumaiah , Hairina (Assistant RM) and Edlyn.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Management Office

When we were first come to PA the management offie the property company then was Henry Butcher, we only can see some long table with huge white board there is no proper lighting, aircond or even the customer chair is those plastic one. Few year down the load PACJMB finnaly get the change to remove all this image and put our management office into a propert one. Although this project have some objection and debate during the initial stage but it still been completed and everyone is happy with the outcome

Well it might not be the best looking office around but at least we are moving from the old school style to a more propert management office. At least I'm more happy to drop by the office from now on.